The Pep Talk

Ever commit to something in advance just to find yourself flaking out the day of? Well duh! All the time!

You have made plans to turn up with your girls just to tell them you aren't feeling it day of. You have created calendar events while you were feeling super social, then became a no show after realizing lying on your couch sounds so much better. But it's not like you didn't try though, you really did.

You tried to give yourself 5 minutes to rest and reenergize, but it didn't work. You tried doing a roll call to see if attendees were more interesting than binge watching Michael Bae Jordan, but sadly concluded they were not. Despite all of your "efforts" your mind still managed to take over and convince you that you are unable to fulfill on your commitment. You enter an intense internal debate about how you are "not in the mood", "too tired", "booked solid", or "fulfilling another obligation" to help justify not going out.

Finally, your girl calls you up and with the best kick in the ass, "Girl, if you don't get your a$$ up off that couch and come on?! Be there in an hour. Let's go stunt." And just like that you peel yourself off the couch, start your "getting dressed" playlist and are hyping yourself up for the night.

I often find myself in this similar situation as it relates to my workout appointment. "You cheated at lunch so there's no point in working out. Your favorite workout leggings are dirty so you'll be too cold to focus. You woke up tired so you may fall asleep on the treadmill and injure yourself; then you won't be able to workout for a month. You are literally saving yourself from a potential 4 week hiatus and ER run.'s great being cautious."

Unfortunately, there is no girlfriend or even trainer to call me and convince me to still workout. You know why? Because the only person that I can let down by not working out is myself. So where can I turn for the days I need a reality check the most? My pep talk.

Just as any great pep talk, my talk helps me readjust my attitude and mentally reset so I can regain control and perform at my best. Though, the term suggests a speech takes place, my pep talk is a routine that consists of two simple things: 1) getting dressed to workout and 2) playing my workout playlist.

Something about following through with the act of my pre-workout routine forces a shift in my focus from creating excuses to getting prepared. I brush up the little energy it takes to change into a Nike tank and leggings, lace up my shoes, pack a water bottle all while my favorite running songs blast in the background. I get so focused on the task of getting prepared that I'm no longer focusing on how I feel about working out. Meanwhile, my background music is working on my attitude. Boosting my ego and energy so that I start to feel like I can get through my workout. In just a matter of minutes, I have a renewed attitude and am fully dressed to walk out the door. At which point, there is no option but to go workout. I mean what else was I getting ready for? :)

Everyone needs a pep talk to fall back on for the days you're just not feeling it. Try to figure out what little things help readjust your mood and keep in your back pocket for emergency days. Remember, results do not come from committing when you are in a good mood, but committing even when you are not.