Are __ Foods Healthy?

These days it seems like no one really knows what's healthy. One week, the news is promoting a miracle diet proven to drive results. The next week, a study declares that same diet is detrimental to your health. One moment, nutritionists rave about the benefits of a miracle food, then months later we find that the food has links to cancer if not eaten in moderation. 

You especially can't follow all the "fitness gurus" on social media for food advice. They often push miracle teas and diet pills that seem to be temporary fixes and a complete waste of your money. These influences all make it really hard to understand what food are actually healthy.

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The Pep Talk

Ever commit to something in advance just to find yourself flaking out the day of? Well duh! All the time!

You have made plans to turn up with your girls just to tell them you aren't feeling it day of. You have created calendar events while you were feeling super social, then became a no show after realizing lying on your couch sounds so much better. But it's not like you didn't try though, you really did.

You tried to give yourself 5 minutes to rest and reenergize, but it didn't work. You tried doing a roll call to see if attendees were more interesting than binge watching Michael Bae Jordan, but sadly concluded they were not. Despite all of your "efforts" your mind still managed to take over and convince you that you are unable to fulfill on your commitment. You enter an intense internal debate about how you are "not in the mood", "too tired", "booked solid", or "fulfilling another obligation" to help justify not going out.

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