Hiking yoga pose.


Every day I prioritize my happiness and health and think others should too.

BACKGROUND: Hi, I'm Dora! I am a proud Haitian-American from Chicago now living in Seattle, WA. I got involved in organized sports in the 4th grade and stayed active through my senior year of high school. My passion is volleyball so I am a huge fan of workouts that reflect the sport; sculpting thick bottoms and slim stomaches. College is where I started to frequent the gym in order to avoid the "freshman 15" and since then, I have designed and tried several workouts for myself focused on weight loss, body definition, endurance, etc. Now, I seek out ways to also be active in nature such as hiking, water sports, and more.

PHILOSOPHY: I believe in sustainable methods to fitness goals. I believe in working for the long-term. I believe in a holistic view to health inclusive of mind, body, and spirit and emphasize what's natural, pure, and real. I believe there is a special place reserved in the depths of Narnia for fad diets, slimming teas, and "weight loss" garments. I am not a licensed dietician or physical trainer, but I have formed opinions through my personal journey and industry literature.

MISSION: I want more women of color to take their health seriously and serve as role models for our next generation of girls. I want us to have greater self-assurance and take control in driving the change that we seek in our lives instead of looking for shortcuts.
I want to inspire women around the world to practice self-love, self-care, and reclaim the temple that is their body.

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